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Manufacturing Engineering Services Overview

[MESCM] Manufacturing Engineering Supply Chain Management Support
[MELM] Manufacturing Engineering Lean Manufacturing Support
[MEPA] Manufacturing Engineering Production Analysis Support for Leaded or Lead Free Processes
[MERPD] Manufacturing Engineering Reflow Process Development Support for Leaded or Lead Free Processes
[MEuBGA] Manufacturing Engineering uBGA/BGA Process & Rework Development & Training Support for Leaded or Lead Free Processes
[MEWI] Manufacturing Engineering Work Instruction Development & Training Support
[MEHM] Manufacturing Engineering Hazardous Materials Control Development & Training Support
[MEMS] Manufacturing Engineering Maintenance Services

Manufacuting Engineering Support
Supply Chain Management Support
Supply Chain Management Support in implementing consignment inventory with your suppliers & KANBAN, so you can reduce your overall inventory and stay ahead of the market.

Lean Manufacturing Implementation and Support
We will process map your production flow and develop a cellular manufacturing approach, which will enable you to achieve one piece flow, reduce your WIP, improve your equipment efficiency (SMED), give you better visibility of quality issues, bench mark your process capabilities, and implement continuous improvement using the DOT-STAR (developed by the International Quality Institute) approach. DOT-STAR, a continuous improvement system, stands for Define (the problem), Observe (the process), Think (of potential causes), Select (the most likely cause), Test (to verify selected cause), Act (to implement a solution), and Review (and revise the solution). There are predefined steps taken, in this problem solving approach, with each of the letters in the acronym.

Manufacturing and Production Analysis for Leaded or Lead Free Processes
Manufacturing and Production Analysis of chronic SMT & THA leaded or lead free process related issues. We specialize in process analysis for leaded or lead free solder related issues using DOE's. We can fix those leaded or lead free manufacturing problems that cause your continuously low yields so you don't ever have to deal with it again.

Reflow Process Development for Leaded or Lead Free Processes
Reflow Process development based on total mass density of the assembly. A scientifically unique approach developed by PA&LS, LLC. This approach will help you to develop your oven profiles quickly and easily, while reducing the need for a special oven profile for every CCA. Go from 100 oven profiles to 10.

uBGA/BGA Process & Rework Development & Training for Leaded or Lead Free Processes
Proven methods for processing uBGA's & BGA devices are provided along with the necessary training to ensure a higher success rate the first time through so non-value added rework can be avoided.

Work Instruction Development & Training
Let us help you with your procedure and work instruction development. PA&LS, LLC has developed a unique work instruction template that will guarantee your work instructions actually gets read and followed.

Hazardous Materials Control & Training
Let us help you become compliant with your local and federal health department agencies. We can set-up your "Right-to-Know" stations, develop your "Right-to-Know" training program, write your emergency business plan per SB198 requirements, and establish a recycling program for your company that will allow you to make money off your waste instead of having to pay for it to be hauled away. Become "green and clean" and compliant while generating a positive cash flow for yourself
Manufacuting Engineering Maintenance Service & Support
Maintenance Service
Troubleshoot and repair SMT and Thru-hole and manufacturing related equipment. Train and assist maintenance personal in maintaining production equipment. Provide Parts ordering, vendor support, and contacts.
Consult and develop an equipment maintenance package based on the following:
Maintenance service contracts would be constructed around production scheduling and equipment availability.
Evaluate equipment. (Type of equipment, age of equipment, and general condition of equipment.)
Evaluate equipment usage. (This would establish the frequency and extent of the maintenance program)
Establish maintenance procedures using OEM guidelines.
Establish materials and/or spare parts needed at time of maintenance. (Fluids, filters, etc.)
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